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Commit c604fa8d authored by Zach Copley's avatar Zach Copley

Ticket #1094 Facebook app invites page was failing if no friends had added the app yet

parent 00fda7ae
......@@ -92,6 +92,12 @@ class FacebookinviteAction extends FacebookAction
// Get a list of users who are already using the app for exclusion
$exclude_ids = $this->facebook->api_client->friends_getAppUsers();
$exclude_ids_csv = null;
// fbml needs these as a csv string, not an array
if ($exclude_ids) {
$exclude_ids_csv = implode(',', $exclude_ids);
$content = sprintf(_('You have been invited to %s'), common_config('site', 'name')) .
htmlentities('<fb:req-choice url="' . $this->app_uri . '" label="Add"/>');
......@@ -103,10 +109,17 @@ class FacebookinviteAction extends FacebookAction
'content' => $content));
$this->hidden('invite', 'true');
$actiontext = sprintf(_('Invite your friends to use %s'), common_config('site', 'name'));
$this->element('fb:multi-friend-selector', array('showborder' => 'false',
'actiontext' => $actiontext,
'exclude_ids' => implode(',', $exclude_ids),
'bypass' => 'cancel'));
$multi_params = array('showborder' => 'false');
$multi_params['actiontext'] = $actiontext;
if ($exclude_ids_csv) {
$multi_params['exclude_ids'] = $exclude_ids_csv;
$multi_params['bypass'] = 'cancel';
$this->element('fb:multi-friend-selector', $multi_params);
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