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Commit c585a43d authored by Zach Copley's avatar Zach Copley

Remove activity:actor and deprecation warning from Atom Activity Streams serialization

parent 9f751310
......@@ -570,18 +570,6 @@ class Activity
if ($author) {
$this->actor->outputTo($xs, 'author');
// XXX: Remove <activity:actor> ASAP! Author information
// has been moved to the author element in the Activity
// Streams spec. We're outputting actor only for backward
// compatibility with clients that can only parse
// activities based on older versions of the spec.
$depMsg = 'Deprecation warning: activity:actor is present '
. 'only for backward compatibility. It will be '
. 'removed in the next version of StatusNet.';
$this->actor->outputTo($xs, 'activity:actor');
if ($this->verb != ActivityVerb::POST || count($this->objects) != 1 || $tag != 'entry') {
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