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Commit c2bda772 authored by Brion Vibber's avatar Brion Vibber

XMPP debugging: log the message source when discarding empty or unrecognized messages.

parent 8260a88f
......@@ -253,12 +253,12 @@ class XmppManager extends IoManager
$from = jabber_normalize_jid($pl['from']);
if ($pl['type'] != 'chat') {
$this->log(LOG_WARNING, "Ignoring message of type ".$pl['type']." from $from.");
$this->log(LOG_WARNING, "Ignoring message of type ".$pl['type']." from $from: " . $pl['xml']->toString());
if (mb_strlen($pl['body']) == 0) {
$this->log(LOG_WARNING, "Ignoring message with empty body from $from.");
$this->log(LOG_WARNING, "Ignoring message with empty body from $from: " . $pl['xml']->toString());
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