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Commit c2046a9a authored by Sarven Capadisli's avatar Sarven Capadisli

Better logic to determine what to do with the visitor. Whether to

serve them the Mobile Profile or not, and possibly redirect.
parent 43cd0f87
......@@ -77,19 +77,57 @@ class MobileProfilePlugin extends WAP20Plugin
// XXX: If user is on the mobile site e.g., m.siteserver.com
// or they really want it, serve the mobile version
// XXX: This should probably graduate to WAP20Plugin
// FIXME: This is dirty and probably not accurate of doing it
if ((common_config('site', 'mobileserver').'/'.common_config('site', 'path').'/' ==
preg_match("/.*\/.*wap.*xml/", $type)) {
// If they are on the mobile site, serve them MP
if ((common_config('site', 'mobileserver').'/'.
common_config('site', 'path').'/' ==
$this->serveMobile = true;
else {
$this->serveMobile = false;
return true;
// If they like the WAP 2.0 mimetype, serve them MP
if (strstr('application/vnd.wap.xhtml+xml', $type) !== false) {
$this->serveMobile = true;
else {
// If they are a mobile device that supports WAP 2.0,
// serve them MP
// XXX: Browser sniffing sucks
// I really don't like going through this every page,
// find a better way
$this->mobiledevices =
array('alcatel', 'android', 'audiovox', 'au-mic,',
'avantgo', 'blackberry', 'blazer', 'cldc-', 'danger',
'epoc', 'ericsson', 'ericy', 'ipone', 'ipaq', 'j2me',
'lg', 'midp-', 'mobile', 'mot', 'netfront', 'nitro',
'nokia', 'opera mini', 'palm', 'palmsource',
'panasonic', 'philips', 'pocketpc', 'portalmmm',
'rover', 'samsung', 'sanyo', 'series60', 'sharp',
'sie-', 'smartphone', 'sony', 'symbian',
'up.browser', 'up.link', 'up.link', 'vodafone',
'wap1', 'wap2', 'windows ce');
$httpuseragent = strtolower($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT']);
foreach($this->mobiledevices as $mb) {
if (strstr($httpuseragent, $mb) !== false) {
$this->serveMobile = true;
// If they are okay with MP, and the site has a mobile server,
// redirect there
if ($this->serveMobile &&
common_config('site', 'mobileserver') !== false) {
header("Location: ".common_config('site', 'mobileserver'));
header('Content-Type: '.$type);
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