Commit c1ad416f authored by mmn's avatar mmn

AntiBrute plugin, delay + log multiple fail logins

parent 5653c256
if (!defined('GNUSOCIAL')) { exit(1); }
class AntiBrutePlugin extends Plugin {
protected $failed_attempts = 0;
protected $unauthed_user = null;
protected $client_ip = null;
const FAILED_LOGIN_IP_SECTION = 'failed_login_ip';
public function onStartCheckPassword($nickname, $password, &$authenticatedUser)
if (common_is_email($nickname)) {
$this->unauthed_user = User::getKV('email', common_canonical_email($nickname));
} else {
$this->unauthed_user = User::getKV('nickname', Nickname::normalize($nickname));
if (!$this->unauthed_user instanceof User) {
// Unknown username continue processing StartCheckPassword (maybe uninitialized LDAP user etc?)
return true;
// This probably needs some work. For example with IPv6 you can easily generate new IPs...
$this->client_ip = common_client_ip()[0] ?: common_client_ip()[1]; // [0] is proxy, [1] should be the real IP
$this->failed_attempts = (int)$this->unauthed_user->getPref(self::FAILED_LOGIN_IP_SECTION, $this->client_ip);
switch (true) {
case $this->failed_attempts >= 5:
common_log(LOG_WARNING, sprintf('Multiple failed login attempts for user %s from IP %s - brute force attack?',
$this->unauthed_user->getNickname(), $this->client_ip));
// 5 seconds is a good max waiting time anyway...
sleep($this->failed_attempts % 5 + 1);
case $this->failed_attempts > 0:
common_debug(sprintf('Previously failed login on user %s from IP %s - sleeping %u seconds.',
$this->unauthed_user->getNickname(), $this->client_ip, $this->failed_attempts));
// No sleeping if it's our first failed attempt.
return true;
public function onEndCheckPassword($nickname, $password, $authenticatedUser)
if ($authenticatedUser instanceof User) {
// We'll trust this IP for this user and remove failed logins for the database..
$authenticatedUser->delPref(self::FAILED_LOGIN_IP_SECTION, $this->client_ip);
return true;
// See if we have an unauthed user from before. If not, it might be because the User did
// not exist yet (such as autoregistering with LDAP, OpenID etc.).
if ($this->unauthed_user instanceof User) {
// And if the login failed, we'll increment the attempt count.
common_debug(sprintf('Failed login tests for user %s from IP %s',
$this->unauthed_user->getNickname(), $this->client_ip));
$this->unauthed_user->setPref(self::FAILED_LOGIN_IP_SECTION, $this->client_ip, ++$this->failed_attempts);
return true;
public function onPluginVersion(&$versions)
$versions[] = array('name' => 'AntiBrute',
'author' => 'Mikael Nordfeldth',
'homepage' => '',
'description' =>
// TRANS: Plugin description.
_m('Anti bruteforce method(s).'));
return true;
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