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Commit ba5a43f2 authored by mattl's avatar mattl

If XMLOutputter $output arg is null, use php://output

Since pushing a null value to the argument actually sets it to null
and not the default fallback (previously $output='php://output');
parent f1d9d8a6
......@@ -63,12 +63,15 @@ class XMLOutputter
* Initializes the wrapped XMLWriter.
* @param string $output URL for outputting, defaults to stdout
* @param string $output URL for outputting, if null it defaults to stdout ('php://output')
* @param boolean $indent Whether to indent output, default true
function __construct($output='php://output', $indent=null)
function __construct($output=null, $indent=null)
if (is_null($output)) {
$output = 'php://output';
$this->xw = new XMLWriter();
if(is_null($indent)) {
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