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Commit b9f3e1e0 authored by Zach Copley's avatar Zach Copley

Merge branch '0.7.x' of git@gitorious.org:laconica/dev into 0.7.x

parents 1fdb35bb 85694e3f
......@@ -82,3 +82,9 @@ StartNoticeSave: before inserting a notice (good place for content filters)
EndNoticeSave: after inserting a notice and related code
- $notice: notice that was saved (with ID and URI)
StartShowLocalNavBlock: Showing the local nav menu
- $action: the current action
EndShowLocalNavBlock: At the end of the local nav menu
- $action: the current action
......@@ -474,7 +474,10 @@ class Action extends HTMLOutputter // lawsuit
function showCore()
$this->elementStart('div', array('id' => 'core'));
if (Event::handle('StartShowLocalNavBlock', array($this))) {
Event::handle('EndShowLocalNavBlock', array($this));
if (Event::handle('StartShowContentBlock', array($this))) {
Event::handle('EndShowContentBlock', array($this));
......@@ -900,7 +900,7 @@ left:0;
.notice-options .notice_delete {
.notice-options .notice_reply dt {
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