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Commit b8f52965 authored by mattl's avatar mattl

StoreRemoteMedia plugin to enable locally served thumbs of remote images

Add addPlugin('StoreRemoteMedia'); in your config.php to enable.
parent d52b7e31
if (!defined('GNUSOCIAL')) { exit(1); }
// FIXME: To support remote video/whatever files, this plugin needs reworking.
class StoreRemoteMediaPlugin extends Plugin
// settings which can be set in config.php with addPlugin('Oembed', array('param'=>'value', ...));
// WARNING, these are _regexps_ (slashes added later). Always escape your dots and end your strings
public $domain_whitelist = array( // hostname => service provider
'^i\d*\.ytimg\.com$' => 'YouTube',
'^i\d*\.vimeocdn\.com$' => 'Vimeo',
public $append_whitelist = array(); // fill this array as domain_whitelist to add more trusted sources
public $check_whitelist = false; // security/abuse precaution
protected $imgData = array();
// these should be declared protected everywhere
public function initialize()
$this->domain_whitelist = array_merge($this->domain_whitelist, $this->append_whitelist);
* Save embedding information for a File, if applicable.
* Normally this event is called through File::saveNew()
* @param File $file The newly inserted File object.
* @param array $redir_data lookup data eg from File_redirection::where()
* @param string $given_url
* @return boolean success
public function onStartFileSaveNew(array &$redir_data, $given_url)
// save given URL as title if it's a media file this plugin understands
// which will make it shown in the AttachmentList widgets
if (isset($redir_data['title']) && strlen($redir_data['title']>0)) {
// Title is already set
return true;
if (!isset($redir_data['type'])) {
// Unknown mimetype, it's not our job to figure out what it is.
return true;
switch (common_get_mime_media($redir_data['type'])) {
case 'image':
// Just to set something for now at least...
$redir_data['title'] = $given_url;
return true;
public function onCreateFileImageThumbnailSource(File $file, &$imgPath, $media=null)
// If we are on a private node, we won't do any remote calls (just as a precaution until
// we can configure this from config.php for the private nodes)
if (common_config('site', 'private')) {
return true;
if ($media !== 'image') {
return true;
// If there is a local filename, it is either a local file already or has already been downloaded.
if (!empty($file->filename)) {
return true;
// First we download the file to memory and test whether it's actually an image file
$imgData = HTTPClient::quickGet($file->getUrl());
common_debug(sprintf('Downloading remote file id==%u with URL: %s', $file->id, $file->url));
$info = @getimagesizefromstring($imgData);
if ($info === false) {
throw new UnsupportedMediaException(_('Remote file format was not identified as an image.'), $url);
} elseif (!$info[0] || !$info[1]) {
throw new UnsupportedMediaException(_('Image file had impossible geometry (0 width or height)'));
$filehash = hash(File::FILEHASH_ALG, $imgData);
try {
// Exception will be thrown before $file is set to anything, so old $file value will be kept
$file = File::getByHash($filehash);
//FIXME: Add some code so we don't have to store duplicate File rows for same hash files.
} catch (NoResultException $e) {
$filename = $filehash . '.' . common_supported_mime_to_ext($info['mime']);
$fullpath = File::path($filename);
// Write the file to disk if it doesn't exist yet. Throw Exception on failure.
if (!file_exists($fullpath) && file_put_contents($fullpath, $imgData) === false) {
throw new ServerException(_('Could not write downloaded file to disk.'));
// Updated our database for the file record
$orig = clone($file);
$file->filehash = $filehash;
$file->filename = $filename;
$file->width = $info[0]; // array indexes documented on php.net:
$file->height = $info[1]; // https://php.net/manual/en/function.getimagesize.php
// Throws exception on failure.
$file->updateWithKeys($orig, 'id');
// Get rid of the file from memory
$imgPath = $file->getPath();
return false;
* @return boolean false on no check made, provider name on success
* @throws ServerException if check is made but fails
protected function checkWhitelist($url)
if (!$this->check_whitelist) {
return false; // indicates "no check made"
$host = parse_url($url, PHP_URL_HOST);
foreach ($this->domain_whitelist as $regex => $provider) {
if (preg_match("/$regex/", $host)) {
return $provider; // we trust this source, return provider name
throw new ServerException(sprintf(_('Domain not in remote source whitelist: %s'), $host));
public function onPluginVersion(array &$versions)
$versions[] = array('name' => 'StoreRemoteMedia',
'author' => 'Mikael Nordfeldth',
'homepage' => 'https://gnu.io/',
'description' =>
// TRANS: Plugin description.
_m('Plugin for downloading remotely attached files to local server.'));
return true;
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