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Commit b63054cb authored by mattl's avatar mattl

OStatus update-profile.php script now finds Diaspora salmon URLs

parent 4de125dd
......@@ -54,10 +54,28 @@ print "\n";
print "Re-running feed discovery for profile URL $oprofile->uri\n";
// @fixme will bork where the URI isn't the profile URL for now
$discover = new FeedDiscovery();
$feedurl = $discover->discoverFromURL($oprofile->uri);
try {
$feedurl = $discover->discoverFromURL($oprofile->uri);
$salmonuri = $discover->getAtomLink(Salmon::REL_SALMON)
?: $discover->getAtomLink(Salmon::NS_REPLIES); // NS_REPLIES is deprecated
} catch (FeedSubException $e) {
$acct = $oprofile->localProfile()->getAcctUri();
print "Could not discover feeds HTML response, trying reconstructed acct URI: " . $acct;
$disco = new Discovery();
$xrd = $disco->lookup($acct);
$hints = DiscoveryHints::fromXRD($xrd);
if (!array_key_exists('feedurl', $hints)) {
throw new FeedSubNoFeedException($acct);
$feedurl = $hints['feedurl'];
$salmonuri = array_key_exists('salmon', $hints) ? $hints['salmon'] : null;
// get the hub data too and put it in the FeedDiscovery object
$huburi = $discover->getHubLink();
$salmonuri = $discover->getAtomLink(Salmon::REL_SALMON)
?: $discover->getAtomLink(Salmon::NS_REPLIES);
print " Feed URL: $feedurl\n";
print " Hub URL: $huburi\n";
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