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Commit b62ac254 authored by mattl's avatar mattl

PHP 5.3 dependency declared in INSTALL file

parent 8140c4ff
......@@ -4,11 +4,8 @@ Prerequisites
The following software packages are *required* for this software to
run correctly.
- PHP 5.2.3+. It may be possible to run this software on earlier
versions of PHP, but many of the functions used are only available
in PHP 5.2 or above. 5.2.6 or later is needed for XMPP background
daemons on 64-bit platforms. PHP 5.3.x should work correctly in this
release, but problems with some plugins are possible.
- PHP 5.3+. Newer versions may complain on some coding standards, but
glitches are intended to be fix asap.
- MySQL 5.x. The StatusNet database is stored, by default, in a MySQL
server. It has been primarily tested on 5.x servers, although it may
be possible to install on earlier (or later!) versions. The server
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