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Commit b3e78385 authored by Evan Prodromou's avatar Evan Prodromou

show best name in noticelistitem

parent 0925b968
......@@ -202,20 +202,21 @@ class NoticeListItem extends Widget
* @return void
function showAuthor()
$this->out->elementStart('span', 'vcard author');
$this->out->elementStart('div', 'vcard author');
$attrs = array('href' => $this->profile->profileurl,
'class' => 'url');
if (!empty($this->profile->fullname)) {
$attrs['title'] = $this->profile->getFancyName();
'class' => 'url',
'title' => $this->profile->nickname);
$this->out->elementStart('a', $attrs);
$this->out->text(' ');
$this->out->element('a', array('href' => $this->profile->profileurl,
'class' => 'url nickname fn',
'title' => $this->profile->nickname),
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