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Commit b23cc746 authored by mattl's avatar mattl

Keep a unique set of WebFingerResource aliases

parent afbdcf89
......@@ -35,19 +35,20 @@ abstract class WebFingerResource
// Add the URI as an identity, this is _not_ necessarily an HTTP url
$uri = $this->object->getUri();
$aliases[] = $uri;
$aliases[$uri] = true;
if (common_config('webfinger', 'http_alias')
&& strtolower(parse_url($uri, PHP_URL_SCHEME)) === 'https') {
$aliases[] = preg_replace('/^https:/', 'http:', $uri, 1);
$aliases[preg_replace('/^https:/', 'http:', $uri, 1)] = true;
try {
$aliases[] = $this->object->getUrl();
$aliases[$this->object->getUrl()] = true;
} catch (InvalidUrlException $e) {
// getUrl failed because no valid URL could be returned, just ignore it
return $aliases;
// return a unique set of aliases by extracting only the keys
return array_keys($aliases);
abstract public function updateXRD(XML_XRD $xrd);
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