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Commit b233e7b3 authored by Evan Prodromou's avatar Evan Prodromou

document snapshot options

parent d76bb2fd
......@@ -1133,6 +1133,32 @@ welcome: nickname of a user account that sends welcome messages to new
busy servers it may be a good idea to keep that one just for
'urgent' messages. Default is null; no message.
The software will, by default, send statistical snapshots about the
local installation to a stats server on the laconi.ca Web site. This
data is used by the developers to prioritize development decisions. No
identifying data about users or organizations is collected. The data
is available to the public for review. Participating in this survey
helps Laconica developers take your needs into account when updating
the software.
run: string indicating when to run the statistics. Values can be 'web'
(run occasionally at Web time), 'cron' (run from a cron script),
or 'never' (don't ever run). If you set it to 'cron', remember to
schedule the script to run on a regular basis.
frequency: if run value is 'web', how often to report statistics.
Measured in Web hits; depends on how active your site is.
Default is 10000 -- that is, one report every 10000 Web hits,
on average.
reporturl: URL to post statistics to. Defaults to Laconica developers'
report system, but if they go evil or disappear you may
need to update this to another value. Note: if you
don't want to report stats, it's much better to
set 'run' to 'never' than to set this value to something
......@@ -206,3 +206,12 @@ $config['sphinx']['port'] = 3312;
// print "Error\n";
// exit(1);
// }
// How often to send snapshots; in # of web hits. Ideally,
// try to do this once per month (that is, make this equal to number
// of hits per month)
// $config['snapshot']['frequency'] = 10000;
// If you don't want to report statistics to the central server, uncomment.
// $config['snapshot']['run'] = 'never';
// If you want to report statistics in a cron job instead.
// $config['snapshot']['run'] = 'cron';
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