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Commit afbdcf89 authored by mattl's avatar mattl

Don't publish mbox_sha1sum in FOAF by default.

We say the email is private data, so reasonably we shouldn't reveal it
indirectly through a hash sum: http://xmlns.com/foaf/spec/#term_mbox_sha1sum
parent a838c909
......@@ -90,7 +90,7 @@ class FoafAction extends ManagedAction
// Would be nice to tell if they were a Person or not (e.g. a #person usertag?)
$this->elementStart('Agent', array('rdf:about' => $this->user->getUri()));
if ($this->user->email) {
if (common_config('foaf', 'mbox_sha1sum') && $this->user->email) {
$this->element('mbox_sha1sum', null, sha1('mailto:' . $this->user->email));
if ($this->profile->fullname) {
......@@ -142,6 +142,10 @@ $default =
'path' => $_path . '/avatar/',
'ssl' => null,
'maxsize' => 300),
'foaf' =>
'mbox_sha1sum' => false,
'public' =>
array('localonly' => false,
'blacklist' => array(),
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