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Commit ade4518a authored by mattl's avatar mattl

Make the Link header give URI for WebFinger lookup

parent 422d475e
......@@ -144,8 +144,8 @@ class WebFingerPlugin extends Plugin
public function onStartShowHTML($action)
if ($action instanceof ShowstreamAction) {
$acct = 'acct:'. $action->getTarget()->getNickname() .'@'. common_config('site', 'server');
$url = common_local_url('webfinger') . '?resource='.$acct;
$resource = $action->getTarget()->getUri();
$url = common_local_url('webfinger') . '?resource='.urlencode($resource);
foreach (array(Discovery::JRD_MIMETYPE, Discovery::XRD_MIMETYPE) as $type) {
header('Link: <'.$url.'>; rel="'. Discovery::LRDD_REL.'"; type="'.$type.'"', false);
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