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Commit a7e73d31 authored by Sarven Capadisli's avatar Sarven Capadisli

Added Brigitte Schuster (http://brigitteschuster.com) as one of the

contributors to StatusNet. She created the identi.ca, laconi.ca, and
status.net logos.
parent 2aa0ab97
......@@ -1622,6 +1622,7 @@ if anyone's been overlooked in error.
* Craig Andrews
* mEDI
* Brett Taylor
* Brigitte Schuster
Thanks also to the developers of our upstream library code and to the
thousands of people who have tried out Identi.ca, installed StatusNet,
......@@ -228,5 +228,6 @@ class VersionAction extends Action
'Federico Marani',
'Craig Andrews',
'Brett Taylor');
'Brett Taylor',
'Brigitte Schuster');
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