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Commit a5cfc395 authored by Brion Vibber's avatar Brion Vibber

Fix localization for license notice in page footer (for ticket #2274: i18n cleanup)

parent 1f8451f4
......@@ -845,14 +845,16 @@ class Action extends HTMLOutputter // lawsuit
'width' => '80',
'height' => '15'));
$this->text(' ');
//TODO: This is dirty: i18n
$this->text(_('All '.common_config('site', 'name').' content and data are available under the '));
$this->element('a', array('class' => 'license',
'rel' => 'external license',
'href' => common_config('license', 'url')),
common_config('license', 'title'));
$this->text(' ');
// TRANS: license message in footer. %1$s is the site name, %2$s is a link to the license URL, with a licence name set in configuration.
$notice = _('All %1$s content and data are available under the %2$s license.');
$link = "<a class=\"license\" rel=\"external license\" href=\"" .
htmlspecialchars(common_config('license', 'url')) .
"\">" .
htmlspecialchars(common_config('license', 'title')) .
htmlspecialchars(common_config('site', 'name')),
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