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Commit 9e611b40 authored by Eric Helgeson's avatar Eric Helgeson

Splitting br3nda's merge 97db6e17b3f76e9a6acf87ddbad47ba54e9b1a3b

Adding deleted_notice to pg.sql
parent 8a6bb64f
......@@ -529,6 +529,17 @@ create table session (
create index session_modified_idx on session (modified);
create table deleted_notice (
id integer primary key /* comment 'identity of notice'*/ ,
profile_id integer /* not null comment 'author of the notice'*/,
uri varchar(255) unique /* comment 'universally unique identifier, usually a tag URI'*/,
created timestamp not null /* comment 'date the notice record was created'*/ ,
deleted timestamp not null DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP /* comment 'date the notice record was created'*/
CREATE index deleted_notice_profile_id_idx on deleted_notice (profile_id);
/* Textsearch stuff */
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