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Commit 9b19688d authored by mattl's avatar mattl

Another solution to merge request !146

parent e4d77cb9
......@@ -230,13 +230,14 @@ class ShowstreamAction extends NoticestreamAction
$args = array('nickname' => $this->target->getNickname());
// either nickname or id will be used, depending on which action (showstream, userbyid...)
$args = array('nickname' => $this->target->getNickname(), 'id' => $this->target->getID());
if (!empty($this->tag))
$args['tag'] = $this->tag;
$this->pagination($this->page>1, $cnt>NOTICES_PER_PAGE, $this->page,
'showstream', $args);
$this->getActionName(), $args);
function showAnonymousMessage()
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