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Commit 9a59d442 authored by Siebrand Mazeland's avatar Siebrand Mazeland

Add translator documentation.

L10n update.
Whitespace update.
parent c11a5490
......@@ -38,7 +38,8 @@ class SimpleUrlPlugin extends UrlShortenerPlugin
function onInitializePlugin(){
throw new Exception("must specify a serviceUrl");
// TRANS: Exception thrown when the SimpleUrl plugin has been configured incorrectly.
throw new Exception(_m('You must specify a serviceUrl.'));
......@@ -53,10 +54,10 @@ class SimpleUrlPlugin extends UrlShortenerPlugin
'author' => 'Craig Andrews',
'homepage' => 'http://status.net/wiki/Plugin:SimpleUrl',
'rawdescription' =>
// TRANS: Plugin description.
sprintf(_m('Uses <a href="http://%1$s/">%1$s</a> URL-shortener service.'),
return true;
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