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Commit 989d6df1 authored by Jean Baptiste Favre's avatar Jean Baptiste Favre

Fix typo in INSTALL. Thanks @postblue for reporting

parent c6243bce
......@@ -384,13 +384,13 @@ job during regular HTTP requests, like API or HTML pages calls.
Since queueing system is enabled by default, notices to be broadcasted
will be stored, by default, into DB (table queue_items).
Each time it casn, OpportunisticQM will try to handle some of them.
Each time it can, OpportunisticQM will try to handle some of them.
This is a good solution wether you:
* have no access to command line (shared hosting)
* do not want to deal with long-running PHP process
* run a low trffic GnuSocial instance
* run a low traffic GnuSocial instance
In other case, you really should consider using queuedaemon.
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