Commit 959f971a authored by mmn's avatar mmn

Merge branch 'fix-webfinger-link-header' into 'master'

Add all link headers, not just the last one

Given the way Link headers work, it does not make any sense to
just replace all other ones.  Especially when we ourselves are adding
in a loop.

See merge request !47
parents 9f83e60f fae7bc0b
......@@ -148,7 +148,7 @@ class WebFingerPlugin extends Plugin
$url = common_local_url('webfinger') . '?resource='.$acct;
foreach (array(Discovery::JRD_MIMETYPE, Discovery::XRD_MIMETYPE) as $type) {
header('Link: <'.$url.'>; rel="'. Discovery::LRDD_REL.'"; type="'.$type.'"');
header('Link: <'.$url.'>; rel="'. Discovery::LRDD_REL.'"; type="'.$type.'"', false);
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