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Commit 94271293 authored by CiaranG's avatar CiaranG

Remove 'Register' from login group nav when site is closed or inviteonly. See ticket #1335

parent 0e1186df
...@@ -70,16 +70,16 @@ class LoginGroupNav extends Widget ...@@ -70,16 +70,16 @@ class LoginGroupNav extends Widget
function show() function show()
{ {
// action => array('prompt', 'title') // action => array('prompt', 'title')
$menu = $menu = array();
array('login' =>
array(_('Login'), $menu['login'] = array(_('Login'),
_('Login with a username and password')), _('Login with a username and password'));
'register' => if (!(common_config('site','closed') || common_config('site','inviteonly'))) {
array(_('Register'), $menu['register'] = array(_('Register'),
_('Sign up for a new account')), _('Sign up for a new account'));
'openidlogin' => }
array(_('OpenID'), $menu['openidlogin'] = array(_('OpenID'),
_('Login or register with OpenID'))); _('Login or register with OpenID'));
$action_name = $this->action->trimmed('action'); $action_name = $this->action->trimmed('action');
$this->action->elementStart('ul', array('class' => 'nav')); $this->action->elementStart('ul', array('class' => 'nav'));
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