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Commit 92ef468f authored by Craig Andrews's avatar Craig Andrews

Use the same favorite notification function in the API as everywhere else

parent c65056aa
......@@ -207,32 +207,10 @@ class TwitapifavoritesAction extends TwitterapiAction
$other = User::staticGet('id', $notice->profile_id);
if ($other && $other->id != $user->id) {
if ($other->email && $other->emailnotifyfav) {
$this->notify_mail($other, $user, $notice);
mail_notify_fave($other, $user, $notice);
# XXX: notify by IM
# XXX: notify by SMS
function notify_mail($other, $user, $notice)
$profile = $user->getProfile();
$bestname = $profile->getBestName();
$subject = sprintf(_('%s added your notice as a favorite'), $bestname);
$body = sprintf(_("%1\$s just added your notice from %2\$s as one of their favorites.\n\n" .
"In case you forgot, you can see the text of your notice here:\n\n" .
"%3\$s\n\n" .
"You can see the list of %1\$s's favorites here:\n\n" .
"%4\$s\n\n" .
"Faithfully yours,\n" .
common_local_url('shownotice', array('notice' => $notice->id)),
common_local_url('showfavorites', array('nickname' => $user->nickname)),
common_config('site', 'name'));
mail_to_user($other, $subject, $body);
\ No newline at end of file
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