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Commit 9018fd75 authored by mattl's avatar mattl

JOINs and FOLLOWs would have null titles in Activity representation of notices

parent e61e11a9
......@@ -311,9 +311,10 @@ class ActivityPlugin extends Plugin
// FIXME: do something here
case ActivityVerb::JOIN:
$mem = Group_member::getKV('uri', $stored->uri);
if (!empty($mem)) {
$mem = Group_member::getKV('uri', $stored->getUri());
if ($mem instanceof Group_member) {
$group = $mem->getGroup();
$act->title = $stored->getTitle();
$act->objects = array(ActivityObject::fromGroup($group));
......@@ -322,9 +323,10 @@ class ActivityPlugin extends Plugin
case ActivityVerb::FOLLOW:
$sub = Subscription::getKV('uri', $stored->uri);
if (!empty($sub)) {
if ($sub instanceof Subscription) {
$profile = Profile::getKV('id', $sub->subscribed);
if (!empty($profile)) {
if ($profile instanceof Profile) {
$act->title = $stored->getTitle();
$act->objects = array($profile->asActivityObject());
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