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Commit 8e8c5805 authored by sarven's avatar sarven

showPageTitle() and showPageNoticeBlock()

and using url on nickname instead of fullname
parent 774fc537
......@@ -132,7 +132,12 @@ class ShowstreamAction extends Action
function showPageTitle()
// Don't show the H1; we have one in the profile block
$this->element('h1', NULL, $this->profile->nickname._("'s profile"));
function showPageNoticeBlock()
function showExportData()
......@@ -238,17 +243,16 @@ class ShowstreamAction extends Action
$this->elementStart('dl', 'user_fn');
$this->element('dt', null, _('Full name'));
$this->element('a', array('href' => $this->profile->homepage,
'rel' => 'me', 'class' => 'fn url uid'),
$this->element('span', 'fn', $this->profile->fullname);
$this->elementStart('dl', 'user_nickname');
$this->element('dt', null, _('Nickname'));
$this->element('span', 'fn nickname', $this->profile->nickname);
$this->element('a', array('href' => $this->profile->profileurl,
'rel' => 'me', 'class' => 'fn nickname url uid'),
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