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Commit 8e04e888 authored by Brion Vibber's avatar Brion Vibber

Use Profile->getBestName() in PersonalGroupNav instead of manually picking...

Use Profile->getBestName() in PersonalGroupNav instead of manually picking nickname vs fullname. Logic should still work the same when no nickname is provided, but it doesn't make any sense -- probably needs cleanup. :)
parent 6e034567
......@@ -87,8 +87,11 @@ class PersonalGroupNav extends Widget
if ($nickname) {
$user = User::staticGet('nickname', $nickname);
$user_profile = $user->getProfile();
$name = $user_profile->getBestName();
} else {
// @fixme can this happen? is this valid?
$user_profile = false;
$name = $nickname;
$this->out->elementStart('ul', array('class' => 'nav'));
......@@ -97,22 +100,22 @@ class PersonalGroupNav extends Widget
$this->out->menuItem(common_local_url('all', array('nickname' =>
sprintf(_('%s and friends'), (($user_profile && $user_profile->fullname) ? $user_profile->fullname : $nickname)),
sprintf(_('%s and friends'), $name),
$action == 'all', 'nav_timeline_personal');
$this->out->menuItem(common_local_url('replies', array('nickname' =>
sprintf(_('Replies to %s'), (($user_profile && $user_profile->fullname) ? $user_profile->fullname : $nickname)),
sprintf(_('Replies to %s'), $name),
$action == 'replies', 'nav_timeline_replies');
$this->out->menuItem(common_local_url('showstream', array('nickname' =>
($user_profile && $user_profile->fullname) ? $user_profile->fullname : $nickname,
$action == 'showstream', 'nav_profile');
$this->out->menuItem(common_local_url('showfavorites', array('nickname' =>
sprintf(_('%s\'s favorite notices'), ($user_profile) ? $user_profile->getBestName() : _('User')),
sprintf(_('%s\'s favorite notices'), ($user_profile) ? $name : _('User')),
$action == 'showfavorites', 'nav_timeline_favorites');
$cur = common_current_user();
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