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Commit 8dba84bd authored by Hannes Mannerheim's avatar Hannes Mannerheim

i had introduced a bug... userdirectory didn't work when logged out

parent 0f87edd9
......@@ -212,7 +212,7 @@ class SortableSubscriptionListItem extends SubscriptionListItem
$cur = common_current_user();
list($action, $r2args) = $this->out->returnToArgs();
$r2args['action'] = $action;
if ($cur->hasRight(Right::DELETEUSER)) {
if ($cur instanceof User && $cur->hasRight(Right::DELETEUSER)) {
$this->out->elementStart('li', 'entity_delete');
$df = new DeleteUserForm($this->out, $this->profile, $r2args);
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