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Commit 8d44b6a5 authored by Brion Vibber's avatar Brion Vibber

Fix bug 1962: deleteuser.php regression when OpenID plugin not enabled

The User_openid data object was explicitly listed as a related field to delete from in User::delete(); this class doesn't exist anymore by default since OpenID was broken out to a plugin.
Added UserDeleteRelated event for plugins to add related tables to delete from at user delete time.
parent 5c428f8a
......@@ -489,3 +489,6 @@ ChangePassword: Handle a password change request
- $newpassword: the desired new password
- &$errormsg: set this to an error message if the password could not be changed. If the password was changed, leave this as false
UserDeleteRelated: Specify additional tables to delete entries from when deleting users
- $user: User object
- &$related: array of DB_DataObject class names to delete entries on matching user_id.
......@@ -719,16 +719,18 @@ class User extends Memcached_DataObject
function delete()
$profile = $this->getProfile();
if ($profile) {
$related = array('Fave',
Event::handle('UserDeleteRelated', array($this, &$related));
foreach ($related as $cls) {
$inst = new $cls();
......@@ -298,4 +298,10 @@ class OpenIDPlugin extends Plugin
new ColumnDef('modified', 'timestamp')));
return true;
function onUserDeleteRelated($user, &$tables)
$tables[] = 'User_openid';
return true;
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