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Commit 85e644d6 authored by mattl's avatar mattl

Remote thumbnail fetching from trusted sources

So far we only trust i.ytimg.com for YouTube thumbnails, but you can
configure the Oembed plugin in config.php by setting the plugin's class vars:

   addPlugin('Oembed', array('param'=>'value', ...));

Some might think this is a security risk or privacy invasive, but as the Oembed
script is already calling remote sites to get information _about_ linked media,
the way to stop it is to disable the Oembed plugin. However it is not certain
it has been migrated out into a plugin properly yet. But try it if you want to.
parent 8fbdb45c
......@@ -4,6 +4,23 @@ if (!defined('GNUSOCIAL')) { exit(1); }
class OembedPlugin extends Plugin
// settings which can be set in config.php with addPlugin('Oembed', array('param'=>'value', ...));
public $domain_whitelist = array( // hostname => service provider
'i.ytimg.com' => 'YouTube',
public $append_whitelist = array(); // fill this array as domain_whitelist to add more trusted sources
public $check_whitelist = true; // security/abuse precaution
protected $imgData = array();
// these should be declared protected everywhere
public function initialize()
$this->domain_whitelist = array_merge($this->domain_whitelist, $this->append_whitelist);
public function onCheckSchema()
$schema = Schema::get();
......@@ -181,6 +198,99 @@ class OembedPlugin extends Plugin
public function onCreateFileImageThumbnailSource(File $file, &$imgPath, $media=null)
// If we are on a private node, we won't do any remote calls (just as a precaution until
// we can configure this from config.php for the private nodes)
if (common_config('site', 'private')) {
return true;
// All our remote Oembed images lack a local filename property in the File object
if ($file->filename !== null) {
return true;
try {
// If we have proper oEmbed data, there should be an entry in the File_oembed
// and File_thumbnail tables respectively. If not, we're not going to do anything.
$file_oembed = File_oembed::byFile($file);
$thumbnail = File_thumbnail::byFile($file);
} catch (Exception $e) {
// Not Oembed data, or at least nothing we either can or want to use.
return true;
try {
} catch (AlreadyFulfilledException $e) {
// aw yiss!
$imgPath = $thumbnail->getPath();
return false;
* @return boolean false on no check made, true on success
* @throws ServerException if check is made but fails
protected function checkWhitelist($url)
if (!$this->check_whitelist) {
return false; // indicates "no check made"
$host = parse_url($url, PHP_URL_HOST);
if (!in_array($host, array_keys($this->domain_whitelist))) {
throw new ServerException(sprintf(_('Domain not in remote thumbnail source whitelist: %s'), $host));
return true; // we trust this source
protected function storeRemoteFileThumbnail(File_thumbnail $thumbnail)
if (!empty($thumbnail->filename) && file_exists($thumbnail->getPath())) {
throw new AlreadyFulfilledException(sprintf('A thumbnail seems to already exist for remote file with id==%u', $thumbnail->file_id));
$url = $thumbnail->getUrl();
// First we download the file to memory and test whether it's actually an image file
// FIXME: To support remote video/whatever files, this needs reworking.
common_debug(sprintf('Downloading remote thumbnail for file id==%u with thumbnail URL: %s', $thumbnail->file_id, $url));
$imgData = HTTPClient::quickGet($url);
$info = @getimagesizefromstring($imgData);
if ($info === false) {
throw new UnsupportedMediaException(_('Remote file format was not identified as an image.'), $url);
} elseif (!$info[0] || !$info[1]) {
throw new UnsupportedMediaException(_('Image file had impossible geometry (0 width or height)'));
// We'll trust sha256 not to have collision issues any time soon :)
$filename = hash('sha256', $imgData) . '.' . common_supported_mime_to_ext($info['mime']);
$fullpath = File_thumbnail::path($filename);
// Write the file to disk. Throw Exception on failure
if (!file_exists($fullpath) && file_put_contents($fullpath, $imgData) === false) {
throw new ServerException(_('Could not write downloaded file to disk.'));
// Get rid of the file from memory
// Updated our database for the file record
$orig = clone($thumbnail);
$thumbnail->filename = $filename;
$thumbnail->width = $info[0]; // array indexes documented on php.net:
$thumbnail->height = $info[1]; // https://php.net/manual/en/function.getimagesize.php
if (!$thumbnail->update($orig)) {
unlink($fullpath); // delete the file if database failed to write
throw new ServerException(_('Failed to update remotely downloaded file info in database.'));
public function onPluginVersion(array &$versions)
$versions[] = array('name' => 'Oembed',
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