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Commit 8548e118 authored by Adrian Lang's avatar Adrian Lang

Fix merges.

parent 83e232bd
......@@ -143,67 +143,4 @@ class FinishremotesubscribeAction extends Action
function add_avatar($profile, $url)
$temp_filename = tempnam(sys_get_temp_dir(), 'listener_avatar');
copy($url, $temp_filename);
$imagefile = new ImageFile($profile->id, $temp_filename);
$filename = Avatar::filename($profile->id,
rename($temp_filename, Avatar::path($filename));
return $profile->setOriginal($filename);
function access_token($omb)
common_debug('starting request for access token', __FILE__);
$con = omb_oauth_consumer();
$tok = new OAuthToken($omb['token'], $omb['secret']);
common_debug('using request token "'.$tok.'"', __FILE__);
$url = $omb['access_token_url'];
common_debug('using access token url "'.$url.'"', __FILE__);
# XXX: Is this the right thing to do? Strip off GET params and make them
# POST params? Seems wrong to me.
$parsed = parse_url($url);
$params = array();
parse_str($parsed['query'], $params);
$req = OAuthRequest::from_consumer_and_token($con, $tok, "POST", $url, $params);
$req->set_parameter('omb_version', OMB_VERSION_01);
# XXX: test to see if endpoint accepts this signature method
$req->sign_request(omb_hmac_sha1(), $con, $tok);
# We re-use this tool's fetcher, since it's pretty good
common_debug('posting to access token url "'.$req->get_normalized_http_url().'"', __FILE__);
common_debug('posting request data "'.$req->to_postdata().'"', __FILE__);
$fetcher = Auth_Yadis_Yadis::getHTTPFetcher();
$result = $fetcher->post($req->get_normalized_http_url(),
array('User-Agent: StatusNet/' . STATUSNET_VERSION));
common_debug('got result: "'.print_r($result,true).'"', __FILE__);
if ($result->status != 200) {
return null;
parse_str($result->body, $return);
return array($return['oauth_token'], $return['oauth_token_secret']);
......@@ -55,46 +55,13 @@ class UpdateprofileAction extends Action
function prepare($argarray)
$version = $req->get_parameter('omb_version');
if ($version != OMB_VERSION_01) {
$this->clientError(_('Unsupported OMB version'), 400);
return false;
# First, check to see if listenee exists
$listenee = $req->get_parameter('omb_listenee');
$remote = Remote_profile::staticGet('uri', $listenee);
if (!$remote) {
$this->clientError(_('Profile unknown'), 404);
return false;
# Second, check to see if they should be able to post updates!
# We see if there are any subscriptions to that remote user with
# the given token.
$sub = new Subscription();
$sub->subscribed = $remote->id;
$sub->token = $token->key;
if (!$sub->find(true)) {
$this->clientError(_('You did not send us that profile'), 403);
return false;
$profile = Profile::staticGet('id', $remote->id);
if (!$profile) {
# This one is our fault
$this->serverError(_('Remote profile with no matching profile'), 500);
return false;
$nickname = $req->get_parameter('omb_listenee_nickname');
if ($nickname && !Validate::string($nickname, array('min_length' => 1,
'max_length' => 64,
'format' => NICKNAME_FMT))) {
$this->clientError(_('Nickname must have only lowercase letters and numbers and no spaces.'));
return false;
$license = $req->get_parameter('omb_listenee_license');
if ($license && !common_valid_http_url($license)) {
$this->clientError(sprintf(_("Invalid license URL '%s'"), $license));
$license = $_POST['omb_listenee_license'];
$site_license = common_config('license', 'url');
if (!common_compatible_license($license, $site_license)) {
$this->clientError(sprintf(_('Listenee stream license ‘%s’ is not '.
'compatible with site license ‘%s’.'),
$license, $site_license);
return false;
return true;
......@@ -113,4 +80,4 @@ class UpdateprofileAction extends Action
\ No newline at end of file
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