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Commit 84072aa5 authored by Evan Prodromou's avatar Evan Prodromou

run 'set names' after each connection to deal with UTF8 correctly

parent 5e7664e2
......@@ -227,4 +227,20 @@ class Memcached_DataObject extends DB_DataObject
$c->set($ckey, $cached, MEMCACHE_COMPRESSED, $expiry);
return new ArrayWrapper($cached);
// We overload so that 'SET NAMES "utf8"' is called for
// each connection
function _connect()
$exists = !empty($this->_database_dsn_md5) &&
$result = parent::_connect();
if (!$exists) {
$DB = &$_DB_DATAOBJECT['CONNECTIONS'][$this->_database_dsn_md5];
$DB->query('SET NAMES "utf8"');
return $result;
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