Commit 82badb19 authored by Evan Prodromou's avatar Evan Prodromou

Move docs menu to site primary menu

parent 89ecda2c
......@@ -162,4 +162,72 @@ class DocAction extends Action
Event::handle('EndLoadDoc', array($this->title, &$this->output));
function showLocalNav()
$menu = new DocNav($this);
class DocNav extends Menu
function show()
$stub = new HomeStubNav($this->action);
$this->submenu(_m('MENU','Home'), $stub);
$docs = new DocListNav($this->action);
$this->submenu(_m('MENU','Docs'), $docs);
class DocListNav extends Menu
function getItems()
$items = array();
if (Event::handle('StartDocsMenu', array(&$items))) {
$items = array(array('doc',
array('title' => 'help'),
_m('MENU', 'Help'),
_('Getting started'),
array('title' => 'about'),
_m('MENU', 'About'),
_('About this site'),
array('title' => 'faq'),
_m('MENU', 'FAQ'),
_('Frequently asked questions'),
array('title' => 'contact'),
_m('MENU', 'Contact'),
_('Contact info'),
array('title' => 'tags'),
_m('MENU', 'Tags'),
_('Using tags'),
array('title' => 'groups'),
_m('MENU', 'Groups'),
_('Using groups'),
array('title' => 'api'),
_m('MENU', 'API'),
_('RESTful API'),
Event::handle('EndDocsMenu', array(&$items));
return $items;
......@@ -16,24 +16,3 @@ To subscribe to other people's notifications, go to their profile page
and click the "subscribe" button. They'll get a notice that you're now
subscribed to their notifications, and, who knows?, they might subscribe
More help
Here are some documents that you might find helpful in understanding and how to use it.
* [About](%%doc.about%%) - an overview of the service
* [FAQ](%%doc.faq%%) - frequently-asked questions about
* [Contact]( - who to contact with questions about the service
* [IM]( - using the instant-message (IM) features of
* [SMS](%%doc.sms%%) - tying your cellphone to
* [Tags](%%doc.tags%%) - different ways to use tagging
* [Groups](%%doc.groups%%) - joining together in groups
* [Lists](%%doc.lists%%) - organize your contacts
* [OpenMicroBlogging](%%doc.openmublog%%) - subscribing to remote users
* [Privacy](%%doc.privacy%%) -'s privacy policy
* [Source](%%doc.source%%) - How to get the StatusNet source code
* [Badge](%%doc.badge%%) - How to put a StatusNet badge on your blog or homepage
* [Bookmarklet](%%doc.bookmarklet%%) - Bookmarklet for posting Web pages
* [API](%%doc.api%%) - API for use by external clients
......@@ -52,10 +52,6 @@ private prepend a '.' to the tag in the tags editing box. To set
an existing public tag as private or vice-versa, go to the tag's
edit page.
The most used public tags are displayed in the
[public people tag cloud](%%action.publicpeopletagcloud%%). Their
size shows their frequency of use.
Remote people tags
......@@ -536,15 +536,12 @@ class OpenIDPlugin extends Plugin
* @return boolean hook value
function onEndLoadDoc($title, &$output)
if ($title == 'help') {
// TRANS: Item on help page. This message contains Markdown links in the form [description](link).
$menuitem = _m('* [OpenID](%%doc.openid%%) - What OpenID is and how to use it with this service.');
$output .= common_markup_to_html($menuitem);
function onEndDocsMenu(&$items) {
$items[] = array('doc',
array('title' => 'openid'),
_m('MENU', 'OpenID'),
_('Logging in with OpenID'),
return true;
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