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Commit 82badb19 authored by Evan Prodromou's avatar Evan Prodromou

Move docs menu to site primary menu

parent 89ecda2c
......@@ -162,4 +162,72 @@ class DocAction extends Action
Event::handle('EndLoadDoc', array($this->title, &$this->output));
function showLocalNav()
$menu = new DocNav($this);
class DocNav extends Menu
function show()
$stub = new HomeStubNav($this->action);
$this->submenu(_m('MENU','Home'), $stub);
$docs = new DocListNav($this->action);
$this->submenu(_m('MENU','Docs'), $docs);
class DocListNav extends Menu
function getItems()
$items = array();
if (Event::handle('StartDocsMenu', array(&$items))) {
$items = array(array('doc',
array('title' => 'help'),
_m('MENU', 'Help'),
_('Getting started'),
array('title' => 'about'),
_m('MENU', 'About'),
_('About this site'),
array('title' => 'faq'),
_m('MENU', 'FAQ'),
_('Frequently asked questions'),
array('title' => 'contact'),
_m('MENU', 'Contact'),
_('Contact info'),
array('title' => 'tags'),
_m('MENU', 'Tags'),
_('Using tags'),
array('title' => 'groups'),
_m('MENU', 'Groups'),
_('Using groups'),
array('title' => 'api'),
_m('MENU', 'API'),
_('RESTful API'),
Event::handle('EndDocsMenu', array(&$items));
return $items;
......@@ -16,24 +16,3 @@ To subscribe to other people's notifications, go to their profile page
and click the "subscribe" button. They'll get a notice that you're now
subscribed to their notifications, and, who knows?, they might subscribe
More help
Here are some documents that you might find helpful in understanding
%%site.name%% and how to use it.
* [About](%%doc.about%%) - an overview of the service
* [FAQ](%%doc.faq%%) - frequently-asked questions about %%site.name%%
* [Contact](%%doc.contact%%) - who to contact with questions about the service
* [IM](%%doc.im%%) - using the instant-message (IM) features of %%site.name%%
* [SMS](%%doc.sms%%) - tying your cellphone to %%site.name%%
* [Tags](%%doc.tags%%) - different ways to use tagging
* [Groups](%%doc.groups%%) - joining together in groups
* [Lists](%%doc.lists%%) - organize your contacts
* [OpenMicroBlogging](%%doc.openmublog%%) - subscribing to remote users
* [Privacy](%%doc.privacy%%) - %%site.name%%'s privacy policy
* [Source](%%doc.source%%) - How to get the StatusNet source code
* [Badge](%%doc.badge%%) - How to put a StatusNet badge on your blog or homepage
* [Bookmarklet](%%doc.bookmarklet%%) - Bookmarklet for posting Web pages
* [API](%%doc.api%%) - API for use by external clients
......@@ -52,10 +52,6 @@ private prepend a '.' to the tag in the tags editing box. To set
an existing public tag as private or vice-versa, go to the tag's
edit page.
The most used public tags are displayed in the
[public people tag cloud](%%action.publicpeopletagcloud%%). Their
size shows their frequency of use.
Remote people tags
......@@ -536,15 +536,12 @@ class OpenIDPlugin extends Plugin
* @return boolean hook value
function onEndLoadDoc($title, &$output)
if ($title == 'help') {
// TRANS: Item on help page. This message contains Markdown links in the form [description](link).
$menuitem = _m('* [OpenID](%%doc.openid%%) - What OpenID is and how to use it with this service.');
$output .= common_markup_to_html($menuitem);
function onEndDocsMenu(&$items) {
$items[] = array('doc',
array('title' => 'openid'),
_m('MENU', 'OpenID'),
_('Logging in with OpenID'),
return true;
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