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Commit 822f08e3 authored by Brion Vibber's avatar Brion Vibber

Kill 'hit return to send'...

parent 6f73b287
......@@ -132,10 +132,6 @@ var SN = { // StatusNet
// Note there's still no event for mouse-triggered 'delete'.
NDT.bind('cut', delayedUpdate)
.bind('paste', delayedUpdate);
NDT.bind('keydown', function(e) {
SN.U.SubmitOnReturn(e, form);
else {
form.find('#'+SN.C.S.NoticeTextCount).text(jQuery.data(form[0], 'ElementData').MaxLength);
......@@ -146,29 +142,6 @@ var SN = { // StatusNet
* To be called from keydown event handler on the notice import form.
* Checks if return or enter key was pressed, and if so attempts to
* submit the form and cancel standard processing of the enter key.
* @param {Event} event
* @param {jQuery} el: jQuery object whose first element is the notice posting form
* @return {boolean} whether to cancel the event? Does this actually pass through?
* @access private
SubmitOnReturn: function(event, el) {
if (event.keyCode == 13 || event.keyCode == 10) {
$('#'+el[0].id+' #'+SN.C.S.NoticeDataText).blur();
return false;
return true;
* To be called from event handlers on the notice import form.
* Triggers an update of the remaining-characters counter.
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