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Commit 818aaa05 authored by mattl's avatar mattl

We didn't get profiles from the new-style attention system

parent 96172520
......@@ -727,15 +727,11 @@ function common_find_mentions($text, Profile $sender, Notice $parent=null)
// Does it have a parent notice for context?
if ($parent instanceof Notice) {
$ids = $parent->getReplies(); // replied-to _profile ids_
foreach ($ids as $id) {
try {
$repliedTo = Profile::getByID($id);
$origMentions[$repliedTo->getNickname()] = $repliedTo;
} catch (NoResultException $e) {
// continue foreach
foreach ($parent->getAttentionProfiles() as $repliedTo) {
if (!$repliedTo->isPerson()) {
$origMentions[$repliedTo->getNickname()] = $repliedTo;
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