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Commit 7e4718a4 authored by mattl's avatar mattl

IMPORTANT - fixed Magicsig to properly overload getKV (prev. staticGet)

In commit e95f77d3 Magicsig lost the 'staticGet' function (later renamed to getKV in 2a4dc77a ), which was important to properly initialize the Magicsig object (fromString)
parent 3ce5631b
......@@ -81,6 +81,31 @@ class Magicsig extends Managed_DataObject
$this->alg = $alg;
* Fetch a Magicsig object from the cache or database on a field match.
* @param string $k
* @param mixed $v
* @return Magicsig
static function getKV($k, $v=null)
$obj = parent::getKV($k, $v);
if (!empty($obj)) {
$obj = Magicsig::fromString($obj->keypair);
// Double check keys: Crypt_RSA did not
// consistently generate good keypairs.
// We've also moved to 1024 bit keys.
if (strlen($obj->publicKey->modulus->toBits()) != 1024) {
return false;
return $obj;
public static function schemaDef()
return array(
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