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Commit 7a1dd579 authored by Evan Prodromou's avatar Evan Prodromou

add defaults for URL shortening

parent d259c37a
......@@ -843,9 +843,7 @@ sslserver: use an alternate server name for SSL URLs, like
parameters correctly so that both the SSL server and the
"normal" server can access the session cookie and
preferably other cookies as well.
shorturllength: Length of URL at which URLs in a message exceeding 140
characters will be sent to the user's chosen
shortening service.
shorturllength: ignored. See 'url' section below.
dupelimit: minimum time allowed for one person to say the same thing
twice. Default 60s. Anything lower is considered a user
or UI error.
......@@ -1468,6 +1466,22 @@ disallow: Array of (virtual) directories to disallow. Default is 'main',
'search', 'message', 'settings', 'admin'. Ignored when site
is private, in which case the entire site ('/') is disallowed.
Everybody loves URL shorteners. These are some options for fine-tuning
how and when the server shortens URLs.
shortener: URL shortening service to use by default. Users can override
individually. 'ur1.ca' by default.
maxlength: If an URL is strictly longer than this limit, it will be
shortened. Note that the URL shortener service may return an
URL longer than this limit. Defaults to 25. Users can
override. If set to 0, all URLs will be shortened.
maxnoticelength: If a notice is strictly longer than this limit, all
URLs in the notice will be shortened. Users can override.
-1 means the text limit for notices.
......@@ -304,4 +304,8 @@ $default =
array('subscribers' => true,
'members' => true,
'peopletag' => true),
'url' =>
array('shortener' => 'ur1.ca',
'maxlength' => 25,
'maxnoticelength' => -1)
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