Commit 78805d11 authored by mmn's avatar mmn

MagicEnvelope discoverKeyPair now returns string

getKeyPair fills in missing data so it's a complete Magicsig.
We may use insert() here in the future so the Magicsig is cached locally.
parent d44588f9
......@@ -68,20 +68,31 @@ class MagicEnvelope
public function getKeyPair(Profile $profile, $discovery=false) {
$magicsig = Magicsig::getKV('user_id', $profile->id);
if ($discovery && !$magicsig instanceof Magicsig) {
$magicsig = $this->discoverKeyPair($profile);
// discoverKeyPair should've thrown exception if it failed
assert($magicsig instanceof Magicsig);
// Throws exception on failure, but does not try to _load_ the keypair string.
$keypair = $this->discoverKeyPair($profile);
$magicsig = new Magicsig();
$magicsig->user_id = $profile->id;
} elseif (!$magicsig instanceof Magicsig) { // No discovery request, so we'll give up.
throw new ServerException(sprintf('No public key found for profile (id==%d)', $profile->id));
assert($magicsig->publicKey instanceof Crypt_RSA);
return $magicsig;
* Get the Salmon keypair from a URI, uses XRD Discovery etc.
* Get the Salmon keypair from a URI, uses XRD Discovery etc. Reasonably
* you'll only get the public key ;)
* @return Magicsig with loaded keypair
* The string will (hopefully) be formatted as described in Magicsig specification:
* @return string formatted as Magicsig keypair
public function discoverKeyPair(Profile $profile)
......@@ -120,14 +131,7 @@ class MagicEnvelope
throw new Exception(_m('Incorrectly formatted public key element.'));
$magicsig = Magicsig::fromString($keypair);
if (!$magicsig instanceof Magicsig) {
common_debug('Salmon error: unable to parse keypair: '.var_export($keypair,true));
// TRANS: Exception when public key was properly formatted but not parsable.
throw new ServerException(_m('Retrieved Salmon keypair could not be parsed.'));
return $magicsig;
return $keypair;
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