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Commit 781341d9 authored by Evan Prodromou's avatar Evan Prodromou

README for the comet plugin

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This is a plugin to automatically load notices in the browser no
matter who creates them -- the kind of thing we see with
search.twitter.com, rejaw.com, or FriendFeed's "real time" news.
NOTE: this is an insecure version; don't roll it out on a production
It requires a cometd server. I've only had the cometd-java server work
correctly; something's wiggy with the Twisted-based server.
After you have a cometd server installed, just add this code to your
$cp = new CometPlugin('http://example.com:8080/cometd/');
Change 'example.com:8080' to the name and port of the server you
installed cometd on.
* Needs to be tested with Ajax submission. Probably messes everything
* Add more timelines: personal inbox and tags would be great.
* Add security. In particular, only let the PHP code publish notices
to the cometd server. Currently, it doesn't try to authenticate.
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