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Commit 767b77d6 authored by Craig Andrews's avatar Craig Andrews

Merge branch '0.9.x' into 1.0.x

parents b34bbb0e 845f051c
......@@ -294,26 +294,7 @@ class StompQueueManager extends QueueManager
if (is_numeric($frame->body)) {
$id = intval($frame->body);
$info = "notice $id posted at {$frame->headers['created']} in queue $queue";
$notice = Notice::staticGet('id', $id);
if (empty($notice)) {
$this->_log(LOG_WARNING, "Skipping missing $info");
$this->stats('badnotice', $queue);
return false;
$item = $notice;
} else {
// @fixme should we serialize, or json, or what here?
$info = "string posted at {$frame->headers['created']} in queue $queue";
$item = $frame->body;
$item = $this->decode($frame->body);
$handler = $this->getHandler($queue);
if (!$handler) {
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