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Commit 731bdab8 authored by Evan Prodromou's avatar Evan Prodromou

Use pkeyGet() instead of idStream() for fave caching

parent adf4d960
......@@ -471,34 +471,6 @@ class Profile extends Memcached_DataObject
function hasFave($notice)
$cache = Cache::instance();
// XXX: Kind of a hack.
if (!empty($cache)) {
// This is the stream of favorite notices, in rev chron
// order. This forces it into cache.
$ids = Fave::idStream($this->id, 0, CachingNoticeStream::CACHE_WINDOW);
// If it's in the list, then it's a fave
if (in_array($notice->id, $ids)) {
return true;
// If we're not past the end of the cache window,
// then the cache has all available faves, so this one
// is not a fave.
if (count($ids) < CachingNoticeStream::CACHE_WINDOW) {
return false;
// Otherwise, cache doesn't have all faves;
// fall through to the default
$fave = Fave::pkeyGet(array('user_id' => $this->id,
'notice_id' => $notice->id));
return ((is_null($fave)) ? false : true);
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