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Commit 6f2fbd44 authored by mattl's avatar mattl

Fixed the delete orphan script to include deleted notices

The file_to_post table sometimes had post_id with values that did not
exist in the notice table.
parent 38a187b9
......@@ -37,20 +37,28 @@ END_OF_HELP;
require_once INSTALLDIR.'/scripts/commandline.inc';
print "Finding File entries that are not related to a Notice (or the notice has been deleted)...";
$file = new File();
$sql = 'SELECT id FROM file'.
' JOIN file_to_post ON file_to_post.file_id=file.id'.
' NOT EXISTS (SELECT file_to_post.file_id FROM file_to_post WHERE file.id=file_id)'.
' OR NOT EXISTS (SELECT notice.id FROM notice WHERE notice.id=post_id);';
print " {$file->N} found.\n";
if ($file->N == 0) {
if (!have_option('y', 'yes')) {
print "About to delete local files that are not related to a Notice. Are you sure? [y/N] ";
print "About to delete the entries along with locally stored files. Are you sure? [y/N] ";
$response = fgets(STDIN);
if (strtolower(trim($response)) != 'y') {
print "Aborting.\n";
print "Finding File entries...";
$file = new File();
$sql = 'SELECT * FROM file WHERE NOT EXISTS (SELECT id FROM file_to_post WHERE file.id=file_id);';
if ($file->query($sql) !== false) {
print " Deleting {$file->N} entries: ";
print "\nDeleting: ";
while ($file->fetch()) {
try {
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