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Commit 6da59fab authored by James Walker's avatar James Walker

invalid mbox_sha1sum in the case where users don't have an email address

(reported by pedantic-web.org)
parent 2e808fdc
......@@ -95,7 +95,9 @@ class FoafAction extends Action
// Would be nice to tell if they were a Person or not (e.g. a #person usertag?)
$this->elementStart('Agent', array('rdf:about' =>
$this->element('mbox_sha1sum', null, sha1('mailto:' . $this->user->email));
if ($this->user->email) {
$this->element('mbox_sha1sum', null, sha1('mailto:' . $this->user->email));
if ($this->profile->fullname) {
$this->element('name', null, $this->profile->fullname);
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