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Commit 68ed6be7 authored by Robin Millette's avatar Robin Millette

added filler/guide text to subscription list.

parent 1371a142
......@@ -95,6 +95,9 @@ class SubscriptionsAction extends GalleryAction
if ($subscriptions) {
$subscriptions_list = new SubscriptionsList($subscriptions, $this->user, $this);
$cnt = $subscriptions_list->show();
if (0 == $cnt) {
......@@ -103,6 +106,25 @@ class SubscriptionsAction extends GalleryAction
$this->page, 'subscriptions',
array('nickname' => $this->user->nickname));
function showEmptyListMessage()
if (common_logged_in()) {
$current_user = common_current_user();
if ($this->user->id === $current_user->id) {
$message = _('You\'re not listening to anyone\'s notices right now, try subscribing to people you know. Try [people search](%%action.peoplesearch%%), look for members in groups you\'re interested in and in our [featured users](%%action.featured%%). If you\'re a [Twitter user](%%action.twittersettings%%), you can automatically subscribe to people you already follow there.');
} else {
$message = sprintf(_('%s is not listening to anyone.'), $this->profile->nickname);
else {
$message = sprintf(_('%s is not listening to anyone.'), $this->profile->fullname);
$this->elementStart('div', 'guide');
class SubscriptionsList extends ProfileList
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