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Commit 63e8f154 authored by Tom Adams's avatar Tom Adams Committed by Craig Andrews

/check-fancy now works when installed in root dir.

parent 605742f0
......@@ -108,7 +108,7 @@ function checkMirror($action_obj)
function main()
// quick check for fancy URL auto-detection support in installer.
if (isset($_SERVER['REDIRECT_URL']) && ((dirname($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']) . '/check-fancy') === $_SERVER['REDIRECT_URL'])) {
if (isset($_SERVER['REDIRECT_URL']) && (preg_replace("/^\/$/","",(dirname($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']))) . '/check-fancy') === $_SERVER['REDIRECT_URL']) {
die("Fancy URL support detection succeeded. We suggest you enable this to get fancy (pretty) URLs.");
global $user, $action;
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