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Commit 636d5141 authored by mattl's avatar mattl

Notices for faves are already sent as they are notices now.

parent adc4dfc0
......@@ -867,42 +867,6 @@ class OStatusPlugin extends Plugin
$oprofile->notifyActivity($act, $user);
* Notify remote users when their notices get favorited.
* @param Profile or User $profile of local user doing the faving
* @param Notice $notice being favored
* @return hook return value
function onEndFavorNotice(Profile $profile, Notice $notice)
// Only distribute local users' favor actions, remote users
// will have already distributed theirs.
if (!$profile->isLocal()) {
return true;
$oprofile = Ostatus_profile::getKV('profile_id', $notice->profile_id);
if (!$oprofile instanceof Ostatus_profile) {
return true;
$fav = Fave::pkeyGet(array('user_id' => $profile->id,
'notice_id' => $notice->id));
if (!$fav instanceof Fave) {
// That's weird.
// TODO: Make pkeyGet throw exception, since this is a critical failure.
return true;
$act = $fav->asActivity();
$oprofile->notifyActivity($act, $profile);
return true;
* Notify remote user it has got a new people tag
* - tag verb is queued
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