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Commit 6336248d authored by mattl's avatar mattl

Notice getRendered() can now be called on uninserted notices

parent 67aff528
......@@ -260,7 +260,8 @@ class Notice extends Managed_DataObject
public function getRendered()
if (is_null($this->rendered) || $this->rendered === '') {
// we test $this->id because if it's not inserted yet, we can't update the field
if (!empty($this->id) && (is_null($this->rendered) || $this->rendered === '')) {
// update to include rendered content on-the-fly, so we don't have to have a fix-up script in upgrade.php
common_debug('Rendering notice '.$this->getID().' as it had no rendered HTML content.');
$orig = clone($this);
......@@ -854,8 +855,7 @@ class Notice extends Managed_DataObject
// Strip out any bad HTML
$stored->rendered = common_purify($content);
// yeah, just don't use getRendered() here since it's not inserted yet ;)
$stored->content = common_strip_html($stored->rendered);
$stored->content = common_strip_html($stored->getRendered(), true, true);
if (trim($stored->content) === '') {
// TRANS: Error message when the plain text content of a notice has zero length.
throw new ClientException(_('Empty notice content, will not save this.'));
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