Commit 61aa71ed authored by mmn's avatar mmn

Subscription class gets exception throwing getSubscription function

parent 901a825b
......@@ -232,9 +232,25 @@ class Subscription extends Managed_DataObject
static function exists(Profile $subscriber, Profile $other)
$sub = Subscription::pkeyGet(array('subscriber' => $subscriber->id,
'subscribed' => $other->id));
return ($sub instanceof Subscription);
try {
$sub = self::getSubscription($subscriber, $other);
} catch (NoResultException $e) {
return false;
return true;
static function getSubscription(Profile $subscriber, Profile $other)
// This is essentially a pkeyGet but we have an object to return in NoResultException
$sub = new Subscription();
$sub->subscriber = $subscriber->id;
$sub->subscribed = $other->id;
if (!$sub->find(true)) {
throw new NoResultException($sub);
return $sub;
function asActivity()
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