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Add a README for BitlyUrlPlugin

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bit.ly URL shortening requires the login name and API key for a bit.ly account.
Register for an account or set up your API key here:
Administrators can configure a login and API key to use through the admin panels
on the site; these credentials will then be used for all users.
(In the future, options will be added for individual users to override the keys
with their own login for URLs they post.)
If the login and API key are left empty in the admin panel, then bit.ly will be
disabled and hidden from the list of available URL shorteners unless a global
default was provided in the plugin configuration.
To enable bit.ly with no default credentials, simply slip into your config.php:
To provide default credentials, add them as parameters:
addPlugin('BitlyUrl', array(
'login' => 'myname',
'apiKey' => '############################'
These settings will not be individually exposed to the admin panels, but the
panel will indicate whether or not the global default settings are available;
this makes it suitable as a global default for multi-site hosting, where admins
on individual sites can change to use their own settings.
If you're using a bit.ly pro account with a custom domain etc, it should all
"just work" as long as you use the correct login name and API key for your
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