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Commit 5f3acc25 authored by Robin Millette's avatar Robin Millette

Removed big clip and replaced with smaller inline one next to each URL (in a...

Removed big clip and replaced with smaller inline one next to each URL (in a notice) that's actually an attachment. Overlay (popup) on click.
parent 69f9bce2
......@@ -20,7 +20,11 @@ $(document).ready(function(){
// attachments and attachment pages not used at the moment except for attachment_ajax version
// $('.attachments').click(function() {$().jOverlay({zIndex:999, success:function(html) {$('.attachment').click(function() {$().jOverlay({url:$(this).attr('href') + '/ajax'}); return false; });
// }, url:$(this).attr('href') + '/ajax'}); return false; });
$('.attachment').click(function() {$().jOverlay({url:'../attachment/' + ($(this).attr('id').substring('attachment'.length + 1)) + '/ajax'}); return false; });
//need to link to proper url depending on site config (path name and theme, for instance)
$('a.attachment').click(function() {$().jOverlay({url:'/attachment/' + ($(this).attr('id').substring('attachment'.length + 1)) + '/ajax'}); return false; });
$('.entry-title a.attachment').append('&nbsp;<img style="display: inline; vertical-align: middle" src="/theme/base/images/icons/clip-inline.png" alt="Attachment" />');
// count character on keyup
function counter(event){
......@@ -180,7 +180,6 @@ class NoticeListItem extends Widget
......@@ -496,6 +496,17 @@ function common_linkify($url) {
$attrs = array('href' => $longurl, 'rel' => 'external');
// if this URL is an attachment, then we set class='attachment' and id='attahcment-ID'
// where ID is the id of the attachment for the given URL.
$query = "select file_oembed.file_id as file_id from file join file_oembed on file.id = file_oembed.file_id where file.url='$longurl'";
$file = new File;
if (!empty($file->file_id)) {
$attrs['class'] = 'attachment';
$attrs['id'] = "attachment-{$file->file_id}";
return XMLStringer::estring('a', $attrs, $display);
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